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I am a weather lover and have been my whole life. I have been involved in the world of weather for more than 20 years.


I have been forecasting for about the same amount of time, for a range of private industry.   From farming and agriculture, through to event planning and festivals.  


I have provided niche tailored forecasts which are highly accurate and easy to interpret.  

Karl Lijnders

Image by NOAA



For the past 20 years, I have been involved in the Australian weather community, from being heavily involved in the early days of Weatherzone through to launching my own forum (before Facebook kicked), the Australia Weather Forum.   From there, I have been working behind the scenes in the community, providing forecasts and analysis and commentary.

I have worked in the media space for more than 10 years offering commentary on all things on radio, television and print right around Australia.    You may recognise me from my time at PRIME7 in my role as weather presenter and then moving onto the news desk for many years.   Currently you can hear me across regional Australia on various radio programs and on ABC Radio, ACE Radio and many other regional and community radio stations.


These last years I have been prolific in the social media and media space, providing extensive analysis on Australian weather and how to interpret basic weather information so individuals can make informed decisions.   The amount of people requiring better and more accurate forecasting has increased.   I have heard the requests for me to launch a new venture.  The time has come now to formalise that and to bring all my skills into one place, which is Weather Matters with Karl Lijnders.

If you would like to subscribe to my weather blog which brings you the most comprehensive weather analysis with tailored forecasting, access the weather forum where you can follow breaking weather news, plus access exclusive products and follow my adventures, become a member, click the button below.  

For less than the price of a coffee a week, we get to continue to conversation as we do on all the social media platforms and it keeps the page alive and keeps the products flowing and my ability to do what I am doing and expand the ability to give you all the information you need because, weather matters!


Access the latest weather analysis from around Australia with custom charts and videos.  The place that does weather forecasting differently. 


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Access the latest weather analysis from around Australia with custom charts and videos.  


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