A low pressure system has made its way onshore overnight about 2am CST with gales, heavy showers and a few storms. The gale force winds are continuing this morning and spreading east as is the rainfall. Some good falls have been experienced about the Ag areas, will wrap that more tomorrow.

For now lets see what we can expect out of this low, many sweating on more rainfall before the warmer weather next week.

Satellite Imagery

Impressive presentation of the low as it starts to adopt an easterly track. The system has started to weaken and the upper low is starting to open up so the wind fields at the surface will begin to wind down. But the wind shear (veering of the winds with altitude) poses a risk of damaging winds with showers and thunderstorms today and a few isolated tornadoes are also possible this afternoon near the centre of circulation as it moves east. The weather will begin to ease over the West Coast later this afternoon. More rain will work north over the southern and eastern Ag areas today with hopefully another 5-15mm for many by the time we get to 9am tomorrow. Dry with raised dust over the northern and central inland.

A cut off upper low which is vertically stacked to a surface low underneath is causing all sorts of windy wild weather through the Ag areas this morning with periods of rain and scattered showers. Some areas have seen near 3/4 of a months worth of rainfall which is beneficial over the EP. The rainfall starting to move east to the Flinders and Mid North today and further south towards Adelaide and the eastern border regions south of Cockburn. The weather over the West Coast will ease and the warmer moist air will move over the EP with more rainfall developing later today and through Friday with moderate falls about. That rain could be heavy at times over the southeast districts and Adelaide Hills region into Friday as the flow shifts southwesterly.

Where things are going, you can see the zones and the progression of the weather in the loop above at the top of the page. It could be quite an active day for thunderstorms amongst the showers, most of the storms should be non severe at this time.

Thunderstorm Forecast SA - Thursday

A low pressure system moving in tonight brings the risk of thunderstorms, damaging winds and heavy rainfall. The low itself also poses the threat of producing isolated tornados upon land fall in the region between Elliston and Ceduna. Tomorrow the thunderstorm risk contracts to the southeast during the day with a cold and unstable airmass leading to the risk of small hail with the showers and thunderstorms. It will be a cold nasty day of weather more like August.

Damaging Winds Risk Thursday

Damaging winds are progressing inland with a low passing through the EP and West Coast overnight and now rotating through the Mid North and Flinders. The windy weather likely to loft large amounts of dust throughout the interior. Showers and thunderstorms over the remainder of the south could produce damaging wind gusts. There is the risk of an isolated tornado/waterspout.

Farmers and Graziers Warning

Cold blustery and showery weather with the passage of a cold cored low and trough over the coming days, leading to high impact weather to vulnerable stock in SA, VIC, NSW and TAS.

Stay up to date with the warnings and radar trends today. Most of you have a good understanding of weather so I will focus on filling the gaps for you in these types of situations.

Good luck with the rainfall!

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