It is a busy 24hrs with a mixed bag of weather passing through. A strong cold front is on the approach and is expected to spread a very cold airmass through, so the temperature drop will be the main feature from this system.

That will have high impact on stock exposed to these conditions so therefore an alert to all graziers in the south of the state.

Farmers and Graziers Alert Forecast.

The weather is expected to turn from this afternoon with scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of those thunderstorms could be quite gusty with significant winds of 100km/h possible along the coast.

Thunderstorm Forecast Sunday 22nd of August 2021

Thunderstorms are currently active offshore SA along a cold front which is beginning to move northeast into a warm and humid airmass. That will create dynamic support for further showers and thunderstorms to develop this afternoon. Most should be under severe thresholds but damaging winds are possible.

Thunderstorm Forecast Monday 23rd of August 2021.

A cold airmass following a strong cold front will bring not only a dry surge of cold air over the inland, but the airmass will be unstable enough to support scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly about the southeast third of the state. Again most of these storms below severe thresholds but damaging winds are possible with showers and thunderstorms rolling onshore. The risk clears eastwards during the afternoon and evening.

Small hail risk Sunday through Monday.

The thunderstorms developing along the cold front this afternoon has the chance of producing small hail. Moderate accumulation is possible under these storms and could cause damage to sensitive crops and plants. The hail risk continues into Monday though the risk begins to clear east later in the day.

Damaging Winds Sunday through Monday

There is a broad area of gusty winds for the remainder of Sunday and into Monday. The temperature gradient the main issue as well as the front passing over a developing rain band, forcing some of the winds to the surface. The winds will be damaging with any of the stronger storms that develop throughout the region. Winds ease from Monday afternoon.

Raised Dust Risk.

With the high winds over the inland, reduced visibility is possible over a large part of central and northern SA and into western parts of NSW during the afternoon. Visibility may be reduced below 1km at times through the afternoon before the wind gusts settle below lifting dust rates.

Warnings are currently active across parts of the state and I will have more details on conditions later today.

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