Rain Developing for parts of Victoria and Tasmania on Tuesday

A modest cold front is expected to sweep through the region during Tuesday bringing with it strong winds and moderate rainfall, but a BIG temperature drop in the process.

The main feature will be the winds on Tuesday over elevated areas, and damaging winds are a risk over parts of Victoria and Tasmania.

The rainfall will be modest for SA where light falls of 1-10mm are anticipated for coastal areas with the biggest rainfall expected the further southeast you go.

The showers will increase over southern and mountain Victoria during Tuesday as the front begins to move through. The same will occur over western Tasmania with rain developing through the afternoon with moderate to heavy falls possible.

Following the rain, showers will continue for southern and mountain Victoria and western Tasmania, however the falls will be more scattered.

Local hail and thunderstorms are possible which may also produce strong wind gusts.

The big shift will be with the tempeatures will Wednesday feeling quite cold with high wind chill and passing showers easing. This may put some stress of young stock.

Frost will feature too following the system into Wednesday and Thursday.

A stronger front through Tasmania may see another burst of showers for southern and mountain Victoria and more particularly western Tasmania. That may bring another shot of colder air through Bass Strait as well.

Overall the rainfall remains fairly coastal for the coming 10 days with little getting into NSW and northern Victoria, with dry air in place. High pressure is continuing to be anchored over a large part of the country.

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