More rain is expected to form along a weak upper trough that will be running into moisture that is sitting over eastern WA and western SA on Friday.

The cloud is expected to become quite extensive, but the rainfall will not be as extensive as the cloud cover.

Areas of rainfall from north of Warburton in WA through to north of Maralinga in SA will progress eastwards later tomorrow to be over the central parts of SA.

Rainfall for Eastern WA and western SA on Friday through to Sunday in particular with the west coast drying out following thunderstorms and showers on Thursday.

Rainfall for southeast Australia with the upper trough over the weekend and then the new cold front over the southeast coastal areas during next week.

So once this system is through WA, it is a dry and warm run with no rainfall for the inland for probably the next 14-20 days with high pressure dominating at the surface and a nice push of dry air coming in via easterly winds.

With the Southern Annular Mode running neutral, no significant increase in frontal wave activity is expected in the westerly winds, so the next lot of fronts due on the west coast by about the 18th of May onwards.

Looking at the relative humidity values and precipitable water values below over the coming fortnight, you can see that drier trend on the charts.

The last of the moisture shooting off to the east on the PW chart below with dry air taking up residence until the end of the month.

In turn rainfall does not return in any great shape or form away from southern coastal areas until the last week of May. That is in line with climate forecasts for this month. A wet start, dry middle and then wet trend to end the month and start June.

Temperatures will be warming up through the outlook and will stay above average as we get into most of next week with plenty of sunshine.

Temperature anomalies for the 10 day period from May 11-21 2021. GFS 18z run valid May 6th 2021.

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