We have been tracking this for the last few days and the modelling is getting much clearer on the timing and scale of the upcoming cold front on Thursday.

This event could produce a burst of severe weather with damaging winds and heavy rainfall to coastal communities from Perth southwards so this may need to be watched closely in coming days for that threat.

Overall the seasonal shift is well and truly on.

Welcome rainfall is set to return to southwest WA in association with a moderate cold front spreading through the region.

Gusty northwest winds will shift cooler westerly during Thursday with a band of rain and thunderstorms along that axis.

The rain will break down and become patchier the further east and you go with the system losing strength as we get to Friday.

But the big difference will be in day time temperatures and the wind chill running high in that southwestern corner.

GFS temperature anomalies on Thursday ahead of the frontal boundary.

GFS temperature anomalies Friday behind the front showing that well below average temperature thresholds.

Another follow up system is expected next week and that could contain a large in feed of tropical moisture from the Indian Ocean bringing up rainfall totals for the SWLD as a whole.

GFS showing that moisture plume heading into the region ahead of a strong front next week.

GFS accumulated rainfall video showing the progression of that moisture returning as rainfall along the coast and adjacent inland.

That could bring heavier falls to the inland and another round of cooler air penetrating further inland.

So the focus of weather is ramping up along the west coast and this is now moving towards the start of the wet season for the southwest and west of the nation.

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