Latest model guidance below for the eastern inland rainfall event.

Still going to be some movements but that is normal when we are dealing with quite a dynamic fast moving system.


  • Some areas over the northern inland of NSW could receive another months of rainfall

  • Generally 10-30mm for the region with storms bringing heavier falls with thunderstorms, which may exceed 40mm.

  • Generally 5-15mm through the southern inland of QLD east of Thargomindah, near 20mm falls along the border between Mungindi and Stanthorpe.

  • Rainfall of 2-10mm may extend as far south as Wellington. 10mm looks far along parts of the NSW coast north of Newcastle to about Brisbane.

GFS 06z run - Rainfall next 10 days Valid Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Most of the wet weather to fall from Thursday night through Friday lunch. The rainfall shield is extending back towards Thargomindah every run now, so will monitor those trends and update rainfall spread once again tomorrow morning.

GFS 06z run - Rainfall next 10 days Valid Tuesday 6th of July 2021

You can see that extension of rainfall back to the west in the latest guide this evening through the southern inland of QLD along the border with NSW. Some areas could record another months worth of rain if there are thunderstorms involved. This is the driest time of the year for the region.

Rainfall for the coming 4 days - Updated Tuesday PM.

I will update this again during the morning, but this is based off the latest GFS run tonight. It still remains low confidence forecast.

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