Latest model spread this evening has moisture coming northwest to southeast through the nation over the coming 10 days. It is now whether the moisture can link up with the moisture.

Model spread - Moisture for the period July 14-19th 2021.

There is a bigger wave I have spoken about earlier today, that will push the moisture through WA and the interior in about 10-14 days time.

The jet stream will be the battle ground that will keep the heat to the north of the boundary and the fast moving westerly cold weather to the south of the boundary. In between, this is where moisture can be lifted in an unstable airmass to produce rainfall.

I would like to see the gap between the cold air and the hot air to the north close and have moisture feeding into a more volatile battle ground, that would spark very dynamic weather.

GFS 06Z - Upper flow pattern for the next 16 days - Valid Friday 9th of July 2021.

Some huge weather systems in the coming 2 weeks, with second offering some very cold air if it verifies, but as we know it will likely change. However it is the constant signal of active weather that I am looking at rather than the specific systems. So stand by for more wet and windy weather for the south with potential for more inland rainfall.

GFS 06Z - Precipitable Water Values next 16 days - Valid Friday 9th of July 2021.

There is copious moisture still on the late night run from GFS. It has got the moisture out of phase with the frontal activity, and this will continue to happen every other run, as it sits still in the 5-6 day range, and things will change from now until then. So more details to come Saturday afternoon.

I will have more on Saturday.

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