Rain is starting to lift out to the east with a trough and developing low moving steadily east southeast through NSW today. Another soggy period for northern inland parts of NSW and southern inland QLD with a few sites recording a months worth of rain.

The trough is lifting out. But the low is deepening.

Satellite Imagery - 1pm EST - Valid Friday 9th of July 2021.

The rain and storms are moving east but where a low has started to form, note the kink where heavy rainfall has started to form over the Central and southern parts of the Northern Tablelands. Also heavy rainfall developing offshore the Sydney and Central Coasts, some of that may come onshore this afternoon more likely tonight. Drier air intruding from the west clearing skies and it has been a lovely day over parts of western NSW and VIC today.

State of Play this afternoon - Valid 1pm EST - Friday 9th of July 2021.

Rain and storms contracting east with the trough. A weak low has formed on the western edge of the rainband moving east, and that has helped to kick off popcorn convection with a blanket of moist air hanging back. So scattered showers and thunder possible this afternoon in the yellow zone. All of that activity will ease tonight. Heavy showers and strong winds may develop along the east coast north of Sydney tonight as the low moves to the north and offshore.

A drier weekend is on the way for the inland as that high pressure over SA begins to move in, and it may lead to a frosty start for some on Saturday!

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