A very messy satellite with a soup bowl of low pressure systems and troughs rolling around the Bight and extending bands of showers and thunderstorms through coastal areas this afternoon, overnight and through Thursday.

Stronger fronts are moving northeast from the Southern Ocean for Thursday and Friday, bringing much colder air and another organised batch of rainfall with moderate falls for these areas.

But lets focus on the rest of today.

Satellite Imagery - Valid 2pm EST.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms sit offshore the SA coast today, but some of these troughs will bring bursts of thundery weather towards the SE SA coast and W Victoria tonight, with gusty winds. More organised frontal weather will pass through the southeast inland tonight and tomorrow with moderate rainfall redeveloping about the coast before spreading inland. The tropical moisture from the Indian Ocean is contracting east with a trough taking the rain out of the outback.

State of Play this afternoon - Valid Wednesday 14th of July 2021.

A lot going on with small scale troughs and low pressure systems passing through the southern ocean into parts of the southeast coasts tonight and tomorrow before a larger front surges from the southwest on Thursday.

So the rainfall will increase again overnight for coastal SA and more pronounced increase in rainfall is expected during Thursday and Friday. A lot of weather to get through during the next 48-72hrs.

More details to come this afternoon and this evening.

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