The fast flow pattern continues to bring dry weather and westerly winds to the sunshine state. No shortage of dry weather and sunshine, despite the little bit of high cloud through southern areas today, back to clear and sunny for Wednesday and for the next week.

But the temperatures are going to fluctuate quite a bit over the southern third of the state as the fast flow pattern over the south brings in bursts of colder air in a southwest flow before the warm northwest winds arrive between systems and brings back above average temperatures.

For those hanging out for rainfall, there is not much on offer during the coming 2 weeks, with a persistent ridge and dry air throughout the region providing clearer skies and sunny days.

18z GFS Upper flow pattern at 18000ft for the coming 2 weeks.

This product paints the picture of the waves just staying to our south while the upper ridge battles back from the north keeping the region largely settled with cloudy skies from time to time. There are some signals for a larger wave to push in during early August that offers some hope of a pattern shift for the region.

The same can be said for the NT, not much change coming up over the next fortnight however humidity values may begin to fluctuate as we track easterly winds come and go. This will increase heat levels.

Fire dangers are starting to reach severe levels through the tropical areas, on schedule, with lots of indigenous burns ongoing during the coming weeks.

Keeping an eye on the PW Values during the coming few days as it does start to build again during next week, with some luck, some light rainfall may come from that shooting east and northeast during later next week at the earliest.

Euro 00z - Precipitable Water Values for the coming 10 days.

Keep an eye on the elevated moisture values over WA, can it spread eastwards and link up with a stronger, more northward bound cold front? Fingers crossed.

Rainfall for the coming 10 days.

I can see the models are introducing rainfall back to southern inland parts of QLD, but with the drier airmass around I am not convinced just yet but these numbers could start to come up in the coming few days. But for now it is a persistence forecast.

Frost Forecast Thursday Morning.

And a reminder that Thursday morning could be a significant morning for severe frost through southern and potentially central areas of the state with bitterly cold temperatures with cold air trapped under a ridge moving through the eastern inland tomorrow night.

More weather details to come.

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