We have seen some reasonable rainfall in the past 24 hours, covering areas that have missed all the heavy rainfall this Summer gone. The trough responsible is slowly moving westwards today and there will likely be another round of showers and thunderstorms, some heavy with a flash flood risk.

Storms also have the chance of producing damaging winds as well through the region and the large hail risk at this time is very low.

Here are the risk zones to consider if you are working outdoors today. Remain weather aware.

Flash Flood Risk Thursday

Flash flooding is a moderate to high chance inland of the coast this afternoon, where thunderstorms form and train over the same region for long duration. The moisture content in the atmosphere is not as high as previous weeks but the forcing is there in the atmosphere to support heavy rainfall from the thunderstorms that do form. Due to the slow motion and the ability for storms to set up along "train tracks" and roll over the same region, flash flooding is considered a significant risk today.

Damaging Winds Risk Thursday

Strong winds aloft carry a high chance of being drawn down in thunderstorms that form in the region identified. As per yesterday, not everyone will see strong wind gusts but where storms form, there is a moderate to high chance of winds of 100km/h being observed.

Ensure you have multiple ways of getting to warnings today.

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