Winter weather is starting to unfold in many parts of NSW with snowfalls to the south of Canberra riding the moisture increase in easterly winds as a low deepens north of Canberra. Snow also increasing to the north in showers being propelled onto the Great Dividing Range this afternoon and this evening, which will increase later.

Precipitation types - Wednesday and Thursday June 9-10th 2021.

The wintry mix analysed in blue is a mixture of snow, sleet, rain and pellets which can come down all at once at an elevation where the snow is melting. This is more likely at elevation of 400-500m. This could also occur in areas where heavier convective downpours may occur down lower than 400m this afternoon.

Thunderstorm Forecast for Wednesday.

The greater location for the wintry mix coming down to low levels will be reserved for the areas that have a thunderstorm chance exceeding 50% today at 300m and above.

So be weather aware this afternoon. It is a messy afternoon with multiple elements to watch with significant risk to stock and to crops in the very cold airmass.

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