Those looking to plan for conditions across the nation next week, a similar set up to this week is possible, but with a lot of moisture floating around, the forecast confidence on the impacts of that parameter is quite low. That is due to the fast flow pattern this week, which will impact the setup for that next system offshore WA, so as we get each system through the east this week, next week's forecast will become clearer.

The data sets are fairly strong for rainfall to continue over WA early next week with more heavy falls as a tropical incursion of moisture rolls through the jet stream southeast into the west coast ahead of another cold front and low pressure system. This system at this stage is expected to dive to the southeast, bringing a moisture plume across the country, but the modelling is expressing a high degree of uncertainty, some bringing rainfall through SA and VIC, some diving it off the coast off WA. We will have to watch this week.

A dry period coming up for most of the north which is hardly surprising that it is dry season that is under a strong upper high.

Rainfall Outlook - Forecast Period July 19th-25th 2021.

Temperatures look set to get even warmer with the chance of seeing some early spring values for large areas of the nation, which is interesting on the back of some signals being offered by nature. Farmers observing some of the native plants are in flower early, graziers commenting on their stock behaving as if it is spring. Certainly interesting signals, and the models are indicating a warmer period coming up and persisting. This is likely to push the colder air to the south suggesting that the SAM is remaining neutral and keeping the coldest air to coastal areas of WA, SA, VIC and TAS.

Temperature Outlook - Forecast Period July 19th-25th 2021.

More details on this current week of weather coming later today.

My next 4 week outlook is expected tomorrow morning.

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