Very quickly, we are watching the one system coming through the southern and southeast of the nation in the coming 3 days, which is the remains of the feature that brought the moderate to heavy rainfall to many areas of WA overnight and through this morning.

The blocking pattern over the Tasman Sea which I outlined last week is expected to hold firm through the weekend and into early next week (that has helped to bring showers back to the coast with some OK falls so far for June - 14mm at Nelson Bay).

Now all going to plan, the block will likely weaken by the time we get to Monday, and this is where we see the flailing system over the Bight move over SA with light to moderate rainfall for the southern Ag areas of SA (not much getting into northern Ag areas) and then the system brings reasonable falls to VIC.

So overall, we are looking seasonal in the coming days. I just wanted to point out that this feature will ultimately impact the next feature coming through

Rainfall Next 3 Days

Notice that the bulk of the rainfall will move from the SWLD of WA through Sunday into the Bight and then early next week the bulk of the wet weather is over the southeast, through southern SA, gets a kick over VIC and TAS and some of that nosing into southern NSW. But that system looks to move on by during Tuesday with settled weather to persist for large parts of the interior, which is excellent news for farmers where we find the sub-tropical ridge is winning out.

Latest Synoptic Pattern - Next 3 days

This highlights the role of the westerly wind belt dominating the south of the nation and the subtropical ridge dominating the interior and upper high dominating the north. Very seasonal, and thankfully giving the interior a chance to dry out.

More weather information to come this evening, will take a look at the potential for the rain event over the northeast, may not be on the single data sets but it is still pinging on the broader data sets, so keep watching!