If you are in the Top End, like I am at the moment, be weather aware with the chance of a tropical low which is setting up camp about 200km west of Darwin in the Timor Sea. Conditions are favourable for further development of this low pressure system.

Now the system is being guided further east in the coming 2 days before the steering currents are likely to collapse and the system once again turns slow moving before turning south and then southwest next week dragging heavy throughout inland areas of the tropics.

For now, the primary concern is the risk surrounding whether we see a weak tropical cyclone form as the system approaches Darwin in the coming 2 days.

Tropical Cyclone Watch - Next few days

This is the latest general guidance for the system taking the blend of the models, but for now the confidence on the track of the tropical low remains very low and so be weather aware.

More coming up later this afternoon in the state based forecast. Windy weather with showers increasing for the Top End today with moderate to heavy squalls for areas around the Cox Peninsula through Darwin and along Arnhem Land coastal communities and the Tiwi Islands.

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