You may notice not much information for the NT and tropical areas on this site in the dry season, and that is because there is not a lot of weather at the moment. However, I will post information when there is something out of DRY SEASON conditions develops which may occur in the coming months.

To find more information on the tropics, head to WA/QLD posts where you can see rainfall and temperature information and the twice daily videos.

Daily posts for tropics will resume probably earlier this year, with early onset rainfall likely to return from late August or September and also seasonal outlooks for the Wet Season 2022/23 will be issued in July and August.

Thanks for your support.

Humidity impacts today - hot and uncomfortable weather for the northern third of the Top End and parts of the Kimberly.

That humidity is out the door from Friday and into the weekend so enjoy the long weekend, the festivals in Darwin and if you are heading up to the tropical north this long weekend, it is looking great!

More soon.

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