The weather is deteriorating rapidly over the northern inland of NSW with areas of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms ongoing, Cobar picking up 20mm so far this morning and heavy rainfall extending east through the NW Slopes of Plains and into the New England.

Heavy rain will extend south to Nyngan, Trangie to Dubbo as well this evening, fingers crossed not as heavy as some of the models suggest.

Severe thunderstorms in the warm sector ahead of the rain over the Northern Tablelands is also possible this afternoon with heavy rainfall the main risks.

Drier further south now with thick cloud and a few light showers are ongoing through the ACT but these will clear.

It is humid throughout.

Satellite shows two areas of low pressure, one coming into WA and the system of most concern is forming over northern NSW this afternoon. Heavy rainfall likely to form under this feature as it moves through central and northern inland NSW, then onto the coastal districts mainly north of Newcastle.

Current radar as of 1pm EDT

Areas of moderate to heavy thundery rain is slowly moving east throughout the northern and northeast of NSW. Very tricky to know how far south this rainfall shield will come, so areas down as far as Dubbo need to pay attention to the radar and warnings today and tonight.


Damaging weather expected to continue tonight and tomorrow mainly for the northern inland of NSW extending into southern QLD. The weather settles a little for southern and central areas as the trough lifts north and east and weakens a little. Thankfully the low pressure system is not as amplified leading to a reduction in the intense rainfall.

The next wave of nasty wet and humid weather comes in Tuesday to western and southern districts of VIC and NSW later before spreading statewide through NSW and into southern QLD from mid to late week with a more widespread coverage of storms.

Severe weather is likely.

Impact to Harvest Operations.

No change to the interruption this week, and the SWLD dealing with storms today and tomorrow will cause some disruption. The east could see some damaging weather issues this week. I wish you all the very best of luck and hopefully you can get most of it in before the next nasty wave of weather.


Euro 18z - Rainfall Next 24hrs - Additional rain to come.

Widespread rainfall is underway and ongoing through northern NSW and southern QLD. The most significant rainfall is expected through the northern third of NSW possibly extending southwards into Central NSW tonight and the coast overnight into Monday. Some areas as mentioned will get clobbered and other spared. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

More this evening in the latest wrap and a full wrap on all things rainfall and modelling after 9pm EDT.

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