Just my preliminary rainfall chart and flash flood chart related to the rainfall to come over the coming days and through next week.

More to come this afternoon. It is a very busy day but trying to give you the information to you as soon as it comes to me.

Rainfall Next 10 Days

Most of this along the coast will fall in the coming 3-4 days with the significant flood risk continuing into the weekend as the showers ease. They won't clear entirely but the intensity of rainfall is expected to decrease as we go through the weekend. Further rainfall could develop next week depending on the tropical weather to the north and the middle level trough over the southern and central inland of NSW.

Flash Flood Risk - Next few days.

The heavy rainfall is expected to amplify further over the coming 48hrs. Your number will vary in relation to thunderstorms as we have seen inland through QLD and NSW overnight with some areas recording up to 150mm. The rainfall along the coast carries a higher concern. The rainfall will increase this afternoon again and tomorrow with the approach of the upper low over western areas. That will draw in torrential rainfall to the coast and tonight through Friday looks very wet. Be weather aware and understand your risks in relation to flooding. This is related to the coastal trough only and not the thunderstorm risks over the inland.

Broader flash flood risk for Thursday with the thunderstorm risk over the east.

More to come.