Hi everyone,

Thanks for your ongoing support as I work around the clock - 7 days a week, doing the forecasts and trying to build this site as I go, it is a very big task but we are making progress.

So thank you again for your patience!

Are you ready for rainfall!! More is coming and you are in the right place to get the latest information on this!!


I am currently finalising 5 new base maps that will make reading some of the forecasts a little easier.

There are further charts coming for the country including other zoomed in areas of southern and central QLD.

Northern Tropics

Northwest Tropics

Northeast Tropics

Tristate Border Region

Southwest NSW and surrounds.


  • There are changes coming to the website to make it more accessible for you, with hopefully these changes coming up in the next fortnight.

  • Video blogs will be coming and likely to replace the morning and evening updates with a national wrap and focus on the weather nationally. This will give me more time to go into greater detail in other areas such as climate and the longer term forecasting.

  • PLUS AN APP is in development! This hopefully will be available in the later spring or summer and will take you off this website and only having to download the app to access the information....I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

The good thing is, the fact you have got access at a cheap rate is good, as prices will rise dramatically, and I do not know how many more times I can repeat it, BUT LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW!! FARMERS, AGRONOMISTS, PASTORALISTS, many that would find it useful get them on board!

So again thank you for your support. I am working my fingers to the bone to get you the information as easily as possible as often as possible. You supporting me helps me support you.

Finally there will be a survey coming out soon to all members to give me a sense of what you want more of, less of and what other things you would like so I can get these in place before an app is launched.

Thank you again!

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