Ahead of the broader climate drivers update, we are seeing the negative Indian Ocean Dipole continuing to strengthen through June and the influence of that process is now apparent on the satellite once again this morning, with a lovely example of the moisture being drawn through the jet stream into the troughs and fronts approaching WA.

This will become a fixture on the charts moving forward through the remainder of Winter and into Spring 2022.

Noting the deep moisture layer over Indonesia being picked up and drawn southeast via the upper-level northwest winds. We have low pressure in phase with the moisture streaming southeast and this leads to cloud bands forming, increasing rainfall chances for WA and above average rainfall for the desert country in WA. If you are living in the east and southeast, it may be quiet for now, but the fact we have so much activity this early into the negative phase through the Indian Ocean is of great concern to me moving through the remainder of the growing season and harvest for the Ag Areas NATIONWIDE!

The basic mechanics of what you are seeing on the satellite. This moisture not running across the nation this time around, but it will be doing so once the high moves further east of the nation later next week.

The mechanics for the system out west and the impacts of the moisture on each piece of the system moving through. Not one system is ever the same, but you can see how the moisture plays a role along each segment and what severe weather threats unfold under such environments.

Moisture will return to the nation's interior once we see the high pressure move further east and there are multiple intrusions to come over the next week which will keep the rainfall numbers up out west, but it will spread further east through the coming weeks. So, if you are in the eastern inland and enjoying drier though colder weather today with sunny periods, make the most of it!

The broader update is coming up in about an hour!

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