A vigorous weather pattern is set to continue across the nation with severe weather impacting large areas of WA, SA, NSW, VIC and the ACT. There are a range of issues to watch out for as we move throughout the coming 2-3 days with severe weather leading to high impact issues.

We have already seen power outages in the SWLD of WA with severe winds overnight, and I had charts out for that from last Friday, so ensure you take note of these forecast charts and information.



Thunderstorms will continue to feature tonight and again tomorrow throughout much of the SWLD with a near certainty of thunderstorms being observed in a large region. Strong squalls, with the risk of small hail and isolated tornados cannot be ruled out as well. The showers and storms may start to ease from later on Wednesday night and southern coastal areas later Thursday as the wind fields calm down and low moves away.


Thunderstorms are forecast to skirt the SA and VIC coastal areas with the risk of strong squalls and the possibility of small hail as well with the main clusters of thunderstorms moving throughout the waters offshore. Another area of thunderstorms will develop along a trough over southeast NSW and northeast VIC with the chance of damaging winds and moderate rainfall, with hail a lower risk with the atmosphere very much saturated.



Hail Risk - Wednesday

The hail risk is ongoing on Wednesday with the last strong cold front passing through from the west and south with some larger accumulation possible under persistent streams of showers and storms whipping through at pace. Combined with the wind speeds, the hail could cause damage to crops in the region.

Damaging Winds Wednesday

The strong and squally westerly winds will continue through Wednesday and there is the risk of these extending further inland as the low-pressure system to the south of the state moves towards the northeast over the coming 24hrs before sliding east and into the Bight south of SA on Thursday. Isolated tornadoes are possible.

Tornado Risk Tuesday into Wednesday

A few reported waterspouts and tornados have been received over past 24hrs and damage has also been observed. The pattern is largely unchanged, and the risk of further brief spin up tornadoes are possible.


Damaging Winds Risk Tuesday to Thursday

Strong to gale force northwesterly winds will feature ahead of a series of strong cold fronts sliding southeast over the state. A warmer airmass will be pulled southwards into the south of the state and clash with the colder air trying to work in from the southwest, so we will very strong winds result. Thunderstorms may produce localised destructive wind gusts on Tuesday and Wednesday before conditions ease.

Flash Flood Risk Thursday to Friday

With the low-pressure system passing through the south of SA during the latter part of the outlook period we should see widespread showers developing and with the uplift of the Lofty Ranges, some locally heavy rainfall over 50mm is possible leading to flash flooding.

Flash Flood Risk Tuesday to Thursday

The rainfall rates throughout the southeast and eastern inland of the state will lead to the risk of flooding developing throughout many locations later this week, especially over the area near the ACT and points west and through Alpine Areas.

Damaging Winds Risk - Tuesday to Thursday

Strong gradient winds developing throughout large areas of the southeast and southern coastal areas of the nation with the risk of destructive winds developing over higher elevation through VIC and NSW where winds may exceed 120km/h and 100km/h along areas to the south and east of the GDR. Winds will ease as the low weakens later this week.

More to come in the afternoon update after 5pm EST.