The weather is volatile in a few pockets today, but I am highlighting the areas of greatest impact where severe weather may appear. There are already warnings out for severe thunderstorms across parts of the east.

Remain weather aware if you are travelling through the region as the thunderstorm activity will not be mucking around today, with already some pretty severe weather happening near Broken Hill this morning as an example of that.

All modes of severe weather are possible and after 60mm in an hour overnight in West Gippsland and damaging winds reported from storms through NSW, some areas will see quite nasty weather while others miss out within the broad zone.

Be weather aware.

Northwest VIC through Southwest NSW and Eastern SA.

There are active storms already in progress with warnings out, please make sure you follow the warnings today with all modes of severe weather possible.

Tristate region

Thunderstorms are likely to erupt through this region this morning and the most likely area of impact are in the yellow zones but a few storms will also form outside of the zone, but severe weather is likely to occur within the yellow zone this afternoon so be aware if you are moving through the region this afternoon.

Southwest VIC and Southeast SA.

Thunderstorms are likely to develop this afternoon in response to a upper trough approaching. Storms could be severe in the yellow zones and may persist overnight and into Tuesday.

More to come today if there is anything to follow up on.