A cloud band developing over SA today is forecast to spread out further today and restrengthen as a front rolls up from the Bight and strengthens the upper-level wind profile again, leading to a thicker band of cloud forming.

That will mean more rainfall, many do not want as we have saturated soils, and many are struggling to get crops into the ground. But this is what we are dealing with so let's take a look at the latest rainfall spread from the modelling this morning.

Rainfall Next 10 Days

A lot of what you see here falls in the coming 2 days, with a broad cloud band extending from SA through to western NSW and QLD. A cold rain will spread throughout the eastern interior from Friday and this band of moderate rainfall will then move to the east and clear the southeast QLD coast and east coast of NSW during Saturday morning. Some chance we may see the rainfall fall as snow over 800m in northern parts of NSW during Friday with this rain band moving through. The cold weather will continue into the weekend but the airmass drying out and sunny weather to resume for the most part. A few showers may develop late Sunday into Monday over the ranges in NSW.

The latest Euro, the rain band is forecast to spread through the remainder of eastern and northern SA tonight and then into the western parts of QLD and NSW Friday morning, with that rainfall moving eastwards with the chance of moderate rainfall along the border and possibly some heavier falls towards 40mm about the Northern Tablelands possible, with snowfalls developing above 800m if there is enough evaporative cooling. The rain clears Saturday.

More to come in the evening update as well when the full data sets arrive. But make preparations for further moderate rainfall through the region, with the chance of further waterlogging of the land mass making planting very tricky!

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