Finally another graphic I have drawn to show where the models are with the moisture and how far they extend that moisture inland with rainfall.

It is mixed odds but overall they all have deep moisture sitting over the Indian Ocean during the period July 17-23.

Northwest Cloud Watch - Period July 17-23 2021.

This is not to say there will be a northwest cloud band and widespread rainfall, but all models are suggesting something is out there, and this is where they will take the cloud and rainfall IF something were to develop. Note the gap between the upper ridge over the north and the long wave trough to the south, this battle ground will be where rain does break out next week, but it is the event after that I suspect may be more productive.

So keep an eye on this part of the nation if you are living over inland WA through SA and into the eastern states as it could become a zone with rainfall potential in the coming fortnight.

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