There are a lot of concerns about the heat up this is spreading throughout the nation this week, which if you follow the posts here daily, is not a surprise.

Under these climatic conditions, we often see a warm up before the rainfall increases with a negative IOD phase, the warmer air means more moisture can be held in the atmosphere leading to widespread rainfall developing with heavier falls.

For those who have missed out, yes there are only a few areas that are drier than others, your rainfall chances will continue to come for the coming weeks and months, but rainfall totals are becoming more uneven as we go through these periods so you have to manage expectations. AND STOP LOOKING AT ALL THE COMPUTER DATA WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETATION! AND THAT PROFESSIONAL DOESN'T HAVE TO HERE! JUST GET GUIDANCE! IT WILL DO YOUR HEAD IN!

Now... to the outlook period.

Rainfall next 2 weeks - Monday 30th of August 2021 - Monday 13th of September 2021

Temperatures this week - Valid Monday 30th of August - Sunday 5th of September 2021

Temperatures Next Week - Valid Monday 6th of September through Monday 13th of September 2021

The Video Analysis - Also why the rainfall is shifting one place to another.

This week the areas to watch. The moisture coming through QLD into Central Australia does that get dragged further west through Central Australia into SA or does that get drawn through eastern SA and lifted over QLD and NSW through VIC with the heavier falls there? The other feature to watch is the cold front, does that move slower, allowing the moisture to come into SA more than what is being shown today, or is the front passing through quicker leading to moisture being dragged further east leading to higher rainfall potential over VIC, NSW and southern QLD.



Your state based updates to come this afternoon.

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