Plenty of interest in the rainfall maps at the moment, some wanting a drop to secure crops, others not wanting any more rainfall after the deluge of last week, lets see what is lurking in the medium term.


Moisture Watch This Week - September 9-16 2021

Notes on the page. Euro - Pink line, GFS - Blue line, CMC - Orange line.

Moisture Watch Next Week - September 17-24 2021

Notes on picture.

Rainfall This Week - September 9-16 2021

The bulk of the rainfall over the SWLD is falling today, the rainfall for the southeast is coming up this weekend with a colder blast. The shower activity along the east coast should increase early in the week with a southeast change and then that shower activity may spread into QLD mid to late week. The tropics, unsettled this weekend and that activity spread into the NT.

Rainfall Next Week - September 17-24 2021

Rainfall chances increasing for much of the nation with an increase of moisture as outlined in the video. The bias for that rainfall over southern and eastern Australia, though keep an eye on Central Australia too with systems starting to pull moisture out of the tropics. The SWLD could see another burst of rainfall through this period, again not much coming inland as the seasonal shift promotes frontal weather being further south.

Rainfall Anomalies - Next 2 weeks September 9-24 2021

Rainfall anomalies not much change, but keep an eye on that moisture coming out of the tropics and I have drawn that in as an area to bookmark in your mind while you are interpreting the data on your own, but also to understand why I am forecasting the way I am in terms of rainfall coverage.

Temperature Anomalies This Week - September 9-16 2021

No change to the trend with the roller coaster ride continuing for the south and southeast, very normal for Spring and hence why you are seeing windy weather, the battle between the hot and colder air continues. Frosts may return to southeast Australia next week.

Temperature Anomalies Next Week - September 17-24 2021

Warmer bias for mid month with more moisture surging south and east ahead of frontal weather starting to return to southern Australia, strengthening that northwest flow once again. Warm to hot weather may spread through southern and eastern Australia during next weekend ahead of a trough and or front.

I will have your state based forecasts coming up this afternoon and in the next hour a look at the Indian Ocean to see whether that is offering any influence to the nation in terms of rainfall in the next 2 weeks.

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