A tricky and trying time when it comes to forecasting, especially when we have an array of big weather players on the board, all converging over the nation.

We have the well above average temperatures descending, then colder air surging north and northeast from the Southern Ocean meeting moisture that will be surging in from the northwest, north and northeast of the nation.

All of this coming together to produce some volatile weather, the hard part of the past week has been moderating the expectations and explaining why the models keep moving it around and why your number will vary.

Take a look below at the latest 2 week outlook with the my commentary and hopefully this gives you insight into why the weather is behaving the way it is.

Rainfall for the next 2 weeks

Temperatures this week - Tuesday 31st August - Sunday September 5th 2021

Temperatures next week - Monday 6th-13th of September 2021

So not much change in the temperature spread this week but the rainfall chances will continue to move around as explained in the model data and video above! More updates to come.

Finally the modelling will continue to chop and change and I will stress do not look at anything on your apps or the baseline model data after 5 days, with any form of confidence, because it will change. That is the way it rolls in Spring.