Many people are eagerly anticipating a view of the super blood moon and the eclipse combining on Wednesday night, to create an astronomical wonder. But will cloud be in the region to spoil the party overhead?

Well if you are living in the south of the nation, sadly, you are unlikely to see a whole lot, with low cloud, showers passing through in a west or southwest wind regime as the high over the Bight begins to move further east. It will help to propel a deck of low cloud over the southern states, mainly coastal and adjacent inland areas.

Forecast Cloud Cover - Wednesday 6pm-11pm 2021. Valid Monday May 24th 2021.

The further north you head away from the coast, the less cloud coverage there will be.

Along the east coast, recent trends in pushing the frontal activity through quicker on Tuesday and diving it away to the southeast, will mean dry air will quickly surge in behind this feature, leading to clear skies for a fair chunk of the inland and on the lee side of the divide. So communities along the coast should have a great view with minimal cloud cover. If you are living along the western slopes of the GDR, there may be clouds about but decent breaks.

In the NT, there is likely to be a fairly clear sky for most of the territory, away from Arnhem Land, where high cloud could be forming in response to the upper trough moving off the QLD coast. That will drag in cloud over Cape York as well, which could be rather thick at times. Showers and low cloud for the FNQ coast in trade winds will mean obscurity is likely, but most other areas should be able to see the phenomena though thin high cloud may be present.

Over in WA, there will be a large mass of high and middle level cloud moving through the region, with very few breaks in the overcast to bring a clear view to the region. There won't be much rainfall, but the cloud will be thick regardless of rainfall or not. High cloud streaming in from the north and west with a weak upper disturbance moving through, will also bring overcast conditions, so you will likely have to head further north towards the Kimberly for a good coverage.

Forecast Total Cloud Cover as a % - Valid Monday May 24th 2021 for Wednesday May 26th 2021.

Best of luck for those avid photographers.

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