I want to point out that while it is quiet and many of you are busy getting stuff sorted ahead of Christmas, the weather will begin to turn through Christmas and into the New Year.

Lets take a look


Rainfall Accumulation - December 20-27th 2021

The rainfall does increase over the north and through the eastern and southeast inland as troughs dig down from the northwest and north and taps into moisture streaming in on easterly winds. The tropical weather will have to be closely monitored as further tropical disturbances are likely to floating around the northern and northwest parts of the nation it appears. That could send moisture into the western interior trough with rainfall numbers increasing. With a high pressure ridge sitting further south than where it is now, that will allowing a deeper easterly flow across much of the nation and cradle the low pressure to set up a longer duration period of humid and unsettled weather with a chance of widespread falls returning.

Rainfall Anomalies - Next 2 Weeks - December 13-27th 2021

Drier weather for the coming week to ten days is expected with scattered showers and thunderstorms for inland areas from time to time, but no widespread rainfall anticipated. The rainfall does return for the final 5 days or so of this period which will begin to override the drier bias for northern and the eastern inland.

Temperature Anomalies - December 20-27th 2021

The temperatures are largely expected to be above average for large parts of the nation with the heat offset by the afternoon thunderstorms. The high heat this week will be replaced with humid heat for the interior of the nation, and that will dominate through Christmas and into New Year.

All the data sets explained in the video to take the time out of reading for you all. More details coming up this afternoon and a state based focus on the weather will be back this evening including the models and rainfall data sets. Enjoy the dry and warmer weather for now!!