I will have more on this next week but after a month of trying to explain to many many people that El Nino or a call of La Nina later this year was premature, well the latest stats support that idea.

In February, large Ag companies were issuing statements of an impending El Nino, where here I have been saying to cool that idea because you cannot forecast what the Pacific Ocean is going to do and how it will influence the weather over Spring and Summer when the current event has not resolved.

And here we are.

Now I am a small player in the grand scheme of things next to the larger Ag orgnisations that many of you are connected to. I hope you do pay attention here as my forecast guidance continues to verify fairly well.

Here is the latest guide, yes the likelihood of a La Nina is increasing for later this year, I have talked about the risk of a "triple dip" La Nina being higher than an El Nino but overall neutral conditions will continue through the back half of this year.

ENSO Outlook - Remainder of 2022.

I will have more on this next week, but for now it is a LA NINA PHASE for the remainder of Autumn, NEUTRAL PHASE for Winter and Spring at this time.

Stay close to the forecasts in the coming weeks as we get more data on not only the remainder of Autumn, Winter but a first glimpse at Spring and moving into Harvest 2022.

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