I have been talking about the Indian Ocean for quite a few years on this platform and how it brings rainfall across the country.

Well over the next week a great example of this is set to develop on the satellite picture initially, with many areas expecting to see rainfall, including outback areas of WA.

Rainfall for next 10 days - Valid Tuesday 15th of June 2021.

Rainfall in this region is not unusual during this time of the year, and usually is in line with the Indian Ocean running at above average values.

This allows more convection to develop and transports more moisture through the atmosphere, feeding the upper level jet stream, bringing rainfall and cloudy skies from the northwest through to the southeast across Australia.

The influence of the Negative Indian Ocean Dipole on Australia with a Southern Annular Mode (SAM) in negative phase.

That is where the term northwest cloud band comes from.

Widespread rainfall is looking a high chance of developing over the northwest early next week, with that rainfall moving southeast, with locally moderate to heavy falls.

Thunderstorms may also break out over the Kimberly with moderate to heavy falls possible away from the coast.

00z Euro Model Run - Rainfall for the next 10 days - Valid Tuesday 15th June 2021

Evidence of northwest cloud band moving over the nation, with moderate to heavy falls possibly breaking out over large parts of the nation.

Precipitable Water Values for the coming 2 weeks - GFS

Copious amounts of moisture being drawn into cold fronts moving fast across the southern parts of the nation, bringing widespread cloud and rainfall potential across the nation.

Conditions will dry out once the front and low well to the south, move over the southeast, but more of these cloud bands are likely to form during the coming months, leading to more rainfall and below average temperatures.

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