For those looking at the determinstic data on the yr.no site and other websites, they are useless in this time without understanding about computer modelling.

Looking deeper at the data sets, there is a theme in the medium term for moisture to build and that to break out into areas of rainfall through large parts of Australia from mid month.

Just because you do not see it on the free apps and data sets available, having understanding about the limitation of the data sets is also critical to understanding what they are saying to us in the longer term.

So until there is consistency, you will not see me placing widespread rainfall on the shorter term forecast charts. But I am confident of the pattern shift that is underway, shifting back to the wetter signal from this time next week.

More on the moisture tomorrow.

00z CMC M - Rainfall for the coming 15 days.

This shows the average of 30 members with signal for rainfall still strong in the more reliable data sets

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