Good evening everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the coverage here so far over the past few weeks. I am working very hard to bring you the weather details. And it will get better as we go along.

I just wanted to update you on a few things before I get back to rambling about weather.

  • Over the coming weeks there will be a few changes coming to the structure of the website to make it easier to access from every device. This will not hinder your access to the site at any time, IF it does I will let you know ahead of time. I want to make it clear how to access the blog for new members, which has been a bit confusing for some (it was for me to).

  • I am looking at streamlining the blog posts to make them more state based so that people can get the information they need - plus looking into whether you can choose that in your profiles.

  • I am looking at notifications to be sent out once I have posted something.

  • But probably the most exciting news is that I am in talks relating to an app and getting that developed. It may take some time, I want to it to be right and I want it to be Android and Apple compatible.

Spread the news to your mates in the industry, I am dirt cheap, but my work is not nasty. The more people that can come on board at a cheaper helps them out, more than it does me!

I understand that it is raining at the moment but in a year it may not be and things will get tough so hence why it is cheap!

Weather forecasting is never perfect and it will never be but I will do MY BEST to explain what is coming ahead in the short, medium and long term as soon as the data is available.

Plus you have made it into the site at the cheaper rates and that is to honour you for putting your faith in me and I appreciate it.

So that is it for now. Get back to reading my hard work ;)

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