After a milder few days, temperatures have plummeted today through SA and now through VIC with areas of rainfall developing too. Winds aren't especially strong but with the rain and cold conditions in overcast skies, it could put some pressure on stock through the southeast of the nation over coming days.

With persistent rainfall over eastern VIC and southeast NSW with a fresh easterly breeze, this will be the area of most concern over coming days with already very boggy ground throughout the region from last week's rainfall.

Conditions will not dry out in this region until Thursday but then the focus shifts back through SE SA and Victoria with another front and cold air mass coming in. That will bring stronger winds to these regions, but favorably, in a westerly wind regime the SE of NSW and Gippsland sees a drier and warmer sky thanks to be in the lee of the divide.

The temperatures are expected to remain very cool for some parts of SA, VIC, NSW and TAS through this period, with no real warming trend until about the 20th onwards when we see a pattern flip and high pressure move to our east.

SA temperature anomalies for the 9th-20th of May 2021 - showing a very cool week of weather on the way with not much rainfall, but cold nights and cool days with light winds. The wetter weather will be coastal coupled with the colder weather producing those values that can create some issues for young stock.

The national look at the cooler airmass from Friday 14-19th, following that second system over the southeast of the nation, which will send a shot of dry cold air into the eastern and central inland of Australia.

The wettest of the weather will be through southeast coastal areas over the next 4-5 days and then once again over the weekend with moderate falls.

Rainfall for the next 10 days - Weather Matters - Valid Monday May 10th 2021.

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