Thank you for being the first people to join me on this journey. It is going to be a bit different to Facebook, the page is a little different and I understand it will take time to get used to. But the information is better! The quality of the information is better and I can provide you a better service this way.

So get comfortable and lets chat!

Interesting times for the east! Lets see how this verifies this week!

The forum is there waiting for you to chat as you would on Facebook. I am going to be in there during the days while composing forecasts and analysis for you all. Or you can email me if you need tailored forecasts and any other products out of the shop. If you have not heard from me and submitted a form, please email me directly (there could be a few snags still to iron out with those forms). Email -

This site will grow over time, and this will allow me to then expand to developing an app and take this site to a much more functional site that can provide you all easier access and make my life a little easy, so spread the word, the more people that join, the quicker that process happens.

So thank you again.

Remember, the forum is available for members only. It is not open to just everyone, really making it a niche place for you to communicate with not only like minded people but also ask questions about weather in your patch, share photos etc and let us all know what is happening at your patch.

Tomorrow I will be back with the AM National Weather Picture. I think we will be dealing with some interesting weather over the eastern and northeast parts of Australia with the potential for widespread rainfall.

We are off and racing!

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