Frosty starts to become more frequent this week over southeast Australia

A cold front and combined small cold pool is expected to spread a wintry atmosphere through southeast Australia during Tuesday night into Wednesday.

That taste of Antarctic weather will be brief but will linger under high ridging in from Wednesday into the weekend over southeast inland parts of Australia.

As winds go calm, this will be the perfect recipe for frost to develop each morning, with the low risk of severe frost for parts of southeast NSW and northeast VIC. This will be more likely on Thursday and Friday morning.

The temperatures will start to recover during the weekend, however with light winds and upper air heights where they should be, this will still promote cold nights but mild sunny days.

So frost will remain on the ground briefly during Friday, Saturday and I will pencil in Sunday morning too, for a frost risk over these same areas.

A warmer phase next week is likely as winds turn northerly so the frost risk will be gone this time next week.

I have put the frost forecast for each morning below for Thursday-Sunday this week.

I don't envisage any large change on this so refer to this blog post over coming days and I will insert updated forecast notes on this over the coming days in the regional wrap.

As mentioned - the pockets of severe frost risk will be reserved for parts of SE NSW and Alpine VIC - and really nothing too long lasting at this stage.

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