A fast moving front through Bass Strait and Tasmania later today into Friday is likely to stir the wind over the southeast inland of Australia and introduce cloud and moisture to lessen the frost risk over the plains and through VIC.

Though in areas protected from the westerly winds and the low cloud cover in these set ups, which are those living on the eastern side of the GDR, some frost is possible on Friday morning.

The frosty starts will continue for a while yet. Not just on Friday with below average temperatures expected.

Further north through central and northern inland NSW, frost will be likely the further east you go where winds will be lighter through Thursday night and skies much clearer.

Again only light frost expected as many did see this morning.

Heavier frosts are likely on Saturday for a wider area of southeast Australia and that could be repeated again on Sunday. A dry airmass with light winds and clear skies, the perfect recipe for frost.

Image - Frost risk forecast for Friday morning.

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