Frost risk increases for southeast Australia this week.

A modest cold front with a small amount of cold air, will move through the southeast inland of Australia during the coming 12-24hrs.

We can already see the cold front moving through Central Victoria this afternoon and the cold air field that is depicted by the speckled cloud following the identified front.

The temperatures are expected to drop away well below average once again throughout the region with a dry airmass allowing the temperatures to fall freely into the nights.

Some areas could be as low 8 degrees below average leading to the heightened frost risk.

Tomorrow there is a broad risk of light morning frost over the southeast of NSW and perhaps northeast VIC (depending on if the winds go calm).

The frost risk increases on Thursday as we are in between fronts so the winds will drop out for a larger area of the inland with clear skies and a dry airmass. That will assist in radiational cooling and frost will easily form.

Friday the risk decreases a little bit for the same area but ramps up on Saturday as we see the winds drop out once again and skies clear for a larger area.

There is the chance of moderate to heavy frost Thursday and Saturday over southeast NSW.

Now is the time to prepare for frost season, even with the cold fronts clipping the region, we are seeing dry air playing a large part with the clear skies and modest cold air to bring up the frost risks earlier this year.

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