Another set of cold frosty nights are expected for large areas of the central and eastern inland with frost possibly severe in pockets for your Thursday morning in VIC, NSW and the ACT but that becomes more widespread on Friday morning where some areas could get down as low as -9C in the Snowy Mountains and the ACT.

It is that time of year where we can get some whopper frosts and that is thanks to high pressure rolling through with further frosts forecast for Saturday and Sunday mornings but the severity easing over the eastern inland.

Frost Risk Forecast Thursday

Frosts are likely over wide areas of the nation during Thursday morning where frost could turn severe during the morning about elevated terrain and the slopes as well as the colder pockets. The frost should clear by 9am.

Frost Risk Forecast Friday

Frosts developing in a widespread manner on Friday morning with the chance of freeze conditions developing over the southeast of NSW and the ACT where temperatures could get down as low as -9C during the morning. This will do damage to crops, cause issues for exposed stock and burst pipes. Ensure you are prepared.

Freeze Risk Forecast Friday

Significant risk of freeze conditions where pipes will likely burst under these conditions, significant damage to crops and vulnerable plants and stress to livestock.

More coming up in the evening forecasts but a heads up for nasty frost to develop int he days ahead.