A deep low developing over southern or central NSW is still anticipated to bring in heavy rainfall in strong and gusty easterly winds during Wednesday through to Saturday, with some risk initially of flash flooding Wednesday and then riverine flooding through these areas come Friday with persistent rainfall.

GFS 18Z run at 500mb showing the flow pattern at 18000ft - note the cold air roaring out of the southern ocean and developing into a deep upper low. The air is clashing over NSW today and a low is likely to form at the surface during Wednesday.

Note the development of the low over southern NSW if not near Canberra on this current guidance, dragging in heavy rainfall through Gippsland and the South Coast in strong and gusty easterly winds. Heavy rainfall rates on Wednesday into Thursday morning could lead to flash flooding.

Flash Flood Risk - Wednesday June 8th 2021.

Low- 5-20%, Moderate - 20-40%, High - 40-60%

Flash flooding developing within 25km of a given point.

The constant rainfall over the next few days will lead to increased risk of heavy falls over a number of days. Some places could see rainfall in excess of 200mm this week. With wet catchments, these areas could easily see minor flooding along river systems. Moderate flooding is possible if rainfall moves towards 300mm over the course of 5 days. Major flooding at this stage is unlikely, but will watch the current trends for rainfall rates tomorrow.

Riverine Flood Risk - Thursday through Sunday. Valid Tuesday June 8th 2021.

Low- 5-20%, Moderate - 20-40%, High - 40-60%

Riverine flooding development.

Rainfall totals are heavy on the windward side of the Great Dividing Range where the upslope on topography rings out the clouds as they run up the divide.

Keep up to date with official warnings from www.bom.gov.au

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