It may be feeling tropical at the moment for the east and southeast ahead of the rain and storms moving out of SA but the weather is expected to turn sharply colder tomorrow.

There is already alerts out for SA today with the rain and strong winds ongoing with temperatures up to 15C below normal. That focus shifts east Friday.

A reinforcing shot of colder air is expected to pass through the southeast states during Sunday with showery weather, local hail and thunder. Also, snowfalls down to about 1200m as well.

Euro Temperature Anomalies - Next 10 Days

The colder weather that is being experienced over the course of the next 5 days will be very much below the average and more like a September atmosphere with cold winds and showery weather. It takes until the mid next week for the weather to return to near seasonal but the risk to stock in the cold weather with the showery periods eases from Monday.

Farmers and Graziers Thursday.

Already nasty conditions about the southern parts of SA today with wet and windy weather and much colder air now being drawn into the state thanks to a low moving east. The rain and wind combination posing a risk for much of today before conditions ease tonight. Further cold and windy weather this weekend will keep a low chance in place for the southern areas, but the higher risk to stock weather-wise will be over the southeast this weekend.

Farmers and Graziers Friday through Monday

Cold, showery and windy weather to develop Friday and turning even colder with a cold front passing through the southeast this weekend, showers hail and thunder developing. Temperatures may be up to 12C below average through the southeast. Even though the rainfall is likely to be light over the northern parts of NSW at best, the wind chill will be running very high for this time of year. Given the amount of water on the ground, conditions will be problematic away from the wet weather this weekend.

More details to come throughout the coming days.

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