The cold wet weather over the southeast may be brief, but especially over VIC and TAS through Wednesday with a small scale low.

However the more impactful system is coming on Friday through Monday. This has the potential to be a high to very high risk event that will extend into NSW.

With potential wet stock from the copious rainfall, the weather will turn sharply colder and windy in the wake of the low with further rain periods. Strong to gale force southwest winds are expected with temperatures up to 12C below normal in some areas.

We will also be dealing with potential frost over southeast Australia as well during early next week.

Euro 00Z - Temperature Anomalies - Next 10 Days

The below average temperatures are forecast to remain in place for the coming 7 days before seasonal weather returns this time next week.

Farmers and Graziers -Wednesday

A short burst of cold and showery windy weather is expected to sweep southern VIC during mid week. The wet and windy weather will have an impact on stock that are exposed to these conditions, particularly stock that have just be sheared and young lambs and calves.

Farmers and Graziers - Friday through Monday.

A gusty cold southwest flow in the wake of the low with heavy showers and gale force winds with temperatures up to 12C below average will continue from Friday through until Sunday night or Monday. This will carry a very high risk of stock loss for those in southern VIC and extend into southern NSW and the ACT. The winds milder in the westerly flow on the east coast in lee of the divide.

There are many issues on the board this week, but be aware of the cold snap coming through as well.

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