Fair chance that April will remain dry for many.

The synoptic charts are certainly indicating a dry spell to continue well into early May for large parts of inland Australia, as the seasonal transition continues from the warm season into the cold season.

With that transition, long periods of dry weather usually occur, and we are seeing that take place over the coming 10-20 days.

You can see with the water vapour satellite imagery, the brown shading in pockets over the inland of the nation and moisture in the green shadings and above, really confined to the tropics and well south of the nation with frontal weather.

So many areas in between these two areas will see little rainfall or cloud cover over the next 2-3 weeks.

Rainfall will remain largely coastal for now, and over the tropics as the wet season continues to wind down.

The rainfall anomalies over QLD and NSW that are well above average have played out for this month with the flooding easing over inland areas during the next couple of weeks as water works its way down through the river systems.

For the moment, frontal activity will largely impact southeast SA, Victoria and Tasmania, as per climate averages, very normal for this to happen.

I will say this, if there was no frontal activity occurring and the dry extended all the way to southeast coastal areas, I would be more concerned for the season ahead. The signals are generally showing a dry start to May, with rain coming back towards the mid to late part of the month and neutral odds for above average rainfall for winter.

Rainfall anomalies for April (this chart was generated on April 1 by the Euro model and I think has played out fairly well so far albeit a bit wetter through parts of VIC and TAS and a bit drier through parts of NSW).

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