Some very hot weather is expected to pass through the northern and western areas of the nation, extending into central and eastern interior parts tomorrow, ahead a trough snaking through the nation.

Some values could crack 50C south of Broome over the southwest Kimberly where the dry air, clear skies and above average heights are in place. The heat dome via the upper high is sitting over the region for another few days.

Overnight temperatures have not dropped below 33C in some areas as well.

All of this points to the development of the monsoon to the north and this being brought in over the coming fortnight, bringing an end to the heatwave but lifting rainfall nationally as well.

Excessive heat is currently being experienced and residents and communities in the warning area should be advised that the heat will be hazardous to health and problematic for infrastructure in the region. A watch area extends around the broad warning area where the heat will be at times, hazardous to health and so be on alert tomorrow in these regions!

GFS 18Z Temperatures 4pm Saturday.

There is a 47-50C isotherm over the region south of Broome which extends inland. Widespread 42-46C weather covering most interior parts of the nation ahead of the trough.

A change will begin to move through the southern areas of the nation later tomorrow through Sunday with relief not expected over interior parts until mid next week once a new high brings a southerly shift over the central areas. Northern areas will rely on the tropical build up through early next week where storms will be severe at times.