Just before bed, the models continue to show this pool of very deep moisture lurking off the west coast during the next 2 weeks and infiltrating the frontal weather dashing across southern Australia.

Interesting weather analysis coming up this week with plenty on the board and a few opportunities for widespread rainfall coming across many areas.

The Impacts of the negative Indian Ocean Dipole

Just a reminder of the seasonal impacts of a negative IOD through Australia. If a La Nina forms at the same time, then rainfall becomes more widespread. It is a 60% chance of happening during late Spring and Summer.

GFS 06z run - Precipitable Water Values - Saturday 10th of July 2021.

About four injections of moisture from the northwest through to the southeast and east across the nation. Numbers are picking up over WA and through the southern interior with rainfall chances remaining high for the outlook period over WA, SA, VIC, NSW and TAS. This is going to make forecasting each individual frontal system tricky well ahead of time, so again the signal is for active weather for the next 10-14 days.

GFS 06z run - Rainfall for the next 16 days- Saturday 10th of July 2021.

Significant rainfall persists over WA and that is extending through the southern states, especially coastal areas with the westerly burst, but some rainfall is coming into inland areas with moderate falls over the next 2 weeks. Welcome rainfall for many.

More weather details to come during Sunday.

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