The ingredients for the major weather to unfold across northern and eastern areas of the nation with the chance of some areas recording their heaviest Winter rainfall in about 20 years over the days ahead so certainly anomalous weather on the way.

Across the southeast, we can see a cold front moving through today with an upper low in toe, that will see showers increasing today. The cold air moving north into the eastern inland of the country will start to interact with that moisture load over QLD with higher rainfall expected.

Along the east coast and through the eastern inland, a lot of weather is expected to unfold through the weekend and into next week.

Out west and through the south of the country, there is the chance of drier and settled weather with high pressure in the region and that ridging forecast to remain parked throughout.

A pattern flip should take place later next week with more on that in the weather video in a couple of hours.


Patchy rain and thick cloud over northern and eastern parts of the nation with mainly light falls for now. A developing upper trough over the southeast will see scattered showers developing over SA and into VIC and NSW. The rainfall here also light. Fine weather along the east coast and in the far west and once the frost clears the southeast and southern inland the skies overcast in places so not as warm as yesterday.


Rain developing over northern parts of the nation with a deep trough in the region now starting to respond to the moisture and being helped along by the upper low over the southeast. That upper low will drive scattered showers over eastern SA, VIC and into inland NSW. Showers may develop along the coast as well with onshore winds developing. Fine weather over the southwest and west of the nation with drier air in place.


A broad band of rain with a large cloud band moving through the north and east of the country with a sharp trough forming in response to the upper low over NSW. Showers developing along the east coast with some heavy falls possible with showers. Fine and dry over southern and western parts of the country with high pressure.


A broad area of rain through inland QLD and into northern NSW. Showers heavy along the coast with local heavy falls possible. Some heavy falls are also possible along the coast from Sydney towards the QLD border and north to the Capricornia with the chance of flash flooding with the slower clumps of rainfall. Rain clears from the NT into QLD and drier air racing in. Fine weather for SA and into WA.


Rain and storms continue for eastern QLD and NSW with locally heavy falls possible leading to flash flooding and riverine flooding. Showers over the southeast of NSW and nearby the ACT could deliver some moderate falls. Otherwise, the rest of the nation is quiet with dry air and high pressure.


Severe weather continues for the east coast with heavy rain and storms for QLD through NSW with a deep low forming east of Batemans Bay also driving strong winds and showers to VIC. Showers developing later in the evening into Tuesday over the SWLD of WA with that system breaking the dry spell for the region. Dry most elsewhere with rain contracting east through NSW and northern and eastern VIC.


The severe weather event clears the east with showers decreasing. Fine weather over much of the southeast under high pressure. The front that comes through the southwest of WA on Tuesday is moving east through the state with showers increasing for southern areas with welcome falls continuing. Dry over the north.

More coming up in a couple of hours' time in the weather video.