And what is happening with that low pressure potential this weekend over the waters south of SA? There have been some promising signs for rainfall to return to the south and southeast of the country, but placing in context with the other models, the confidence on that remains rather low.

For the west of the of the country, the widespread rainfall is expected to move over the region from tomorrow with further moderate falls.

Along the east coast, we have showers today with moderate falls and that should ease from tomorrow with the chance of some coastal thunder. Overall, the pattern is winding down for rainfall along the east coast which will be welcome.

All eyes on the weather turning wet over the southwest, south and southeast of the nation, but how much of this will creep through the Ag Areas?

Upper Air Pattern - Next 2 Weeks

The upper air pattern is vigorous from next week as we lose the last of the blocking pattern this weekend. A little upper low south of the nation this weekend is a wild card system and may create some further wet weather for SA and VIC and could run into deeper moisture running through the eastern inland from this time next week with rain breaking out over the food bowl. The wettest weather with higher confidence will be found over in WA with regular intervals of moderate windy rainfall along moderate to strong cold fronts. Some of those fronts could trigger severe weather too. The nation, looking a lot warmer despite the fast flow pattern which is not great for the ski fields.

Simulated Cloud Cover - Next 2 Weeks

We can see about 4 cloud bands moving through WA through SA and into the southeast inland of the nation as we see a fast flow pattern moving through. But this could extend further north if we see the westerly wind belt lifting northwards throughout the period. So that will something to watch. There are further signs of cloud bands developing at the end of the period over central and eastern Australia which looks to be connected to the Indian Ocean Dipole.

Moisture Spread - Next 2 Weeks

The moisture profile is very much unchanged in its spread with the frontal weather featuring through next week pulling upon the deeper moisture over the Indian Ocean and ramming it through the jet stream. The timing of the fronts to the moisture surging south determines the spread of rainfall across the nation. Watching the moisture over the eastern inland next week if we see high pressure linger east of Tasmania, we may see a deeper surge of moisture coming into the inland areas ahead of that moisture coming out of WA and SA which could see rainfall increasing rapidly in the forecasts all of a sudden for the eastern inland. Out west, some heavy bursts of rainfall with that deeper moisture along cold fronts may lead to flash flooding at times.

More coming up with the weather video at 8am EST.