A broad cloud band is starting to emerge over northern and northeast Australia and is beginning to deliver more widespread rainfall from Thursday with falls becoming moderate to heavy overnight and into Friday. Showers are forecast to increase over NSW inland and along the coast as well with some moderate to heavy falls possible.

This weekend, the weather is expected to become quite dynamic over the east which dominates the synoptic scale for the nation, severe weather is possible and well above average rainfall is also on the cards for many areas.

Out west and through the south, conditions are expected to remain settled with a light wind and dry airmass as the high pressure ridge remains over place with the chance of seasonal temperatures, tending above average over the northwest.

Frontal weather is still expected to return to the south and southwest of the nation as we move into the back half of next week with a general eastward movement of that rainfall into the southeast of the nation from later next week.

Let’s take a look


A large cloud band from Wednesday continues to drift through today but becoming more productive in terms of rainfall, as an upper low begins to run up underneath the moisture plume and this will see rainfall increasing for the NT and QLD. A few showers over VIC and SA will clear northwards today and a few showers may develop along the NSW coast tonight with offshore thunderstorms. Fine weather and mild weather back over in WA. Below average temperatures for large areas of the nation.


Rain and thunderstorms continue throughout inland QLD and into the Top End with heavy falls developing thanks to the trough sharpening over the state in response to the upper low developing over NSW. Showers increasing over the east coast of NSW with locally heavy falls developing at night with flash flooding a risk. Fine weather elsewhere throughout the nation with high pressure in full control.


Rain and thunderstorms under an extensive cloud band through much of QLD and the NT contracting further east through the day. Showers, heavy at times along the NSW coast may turn to areas of rain with an upper low slow moving over inland NSW. Rain over the interior of NSW with moderate falls continuing with that rainfall extending through to the Riverina and Southwest Slopes with showers into the ACT. The slow nature of the showers means some areas will get soaked and others not as much. Fine weather elsewhere though cloudy and cool about southern VIC and SA. Drier and brighter out west.


Widespread rain over QLD with a few thunderstorms with heavy falls continuing from the Gulf Country down into the southeast inland. Rain from an upper low over Central NSW will continue with that rainfall spreading into the Riverina and ACT with moderate falls. Heavy rainfall possible along the NSW coast with a deepening east coast low that will glance the south and central coastline. Fine weather most elsewhere with cloud clearing the NT and fine weather with dry air over WA.


Widespread rain and local thunderstorms with heavy falls from Cape York through Central QLD and into Northern NSW in advance of a sharpening upper trough over NSW and QLD. This will see rainfall become more extensive after a lull on Sunday. The low over the southeast of NSW washes out but showers continue. Showers developing for the SWLD of WA later in the day with a front on the approach but warm and breezy ahead of that. Fine elsewhere with below average day time temperatures for many areas.


Widespread rainfall along a trough with local thunderstorms and heavy falls continuing to drift very slowly to the east, with some areas recording 100mm along the coast on this guide. Showers continuing down the NSW coast to eastern VIC with moderate falls. Showers over the SWLD but mainly light and patchy falls with a weakening cold front. Fine and dry most elsewhere but temperatures continue to be at below average values.


Rain and thunderstorms finally begin to lift out of QLD but the onshore winds feeding onto the northern NSW coast and adjacent inland ranges may still provide heavy showers and thunderstorms with lighter showers further south down the coast to East Gippslan.. The rain over the interior may also dry out over QLD with clearing skies. Weakening front passing through southern WA will move into the Bight with a few showers clearing and dry most elsewhere.

More coming up in the early edition from 8am EST with the next video looking at the short and medium term, focusing clearly on the severe weather event over the east but the return of rainfall over the southwest and west.