Elsewhere, things are really quiet as we track a high-pressure system into the Bight which may bring the next chance of drier and more settled weather. This is a long time coming for eastern inland parts of QLD and NSW which have been battling ongoing above average rainfall.

For the southeast states, if you are living along the coast, we will be moving into the long weekend with cloudy skies, showery weather and cold conditions, but if you are away from the coast by about 100km, you should be dry for the next week.

The bulk of the weather is out west, scattered showers and thunderstorms are currently ongoing and there has been heavy rainfall reported. How long does that instability last for the west and will it move east in the days ahead or are we looking at a slow-moving pressure pattern?


The showers and thunderstorms and the large cloud band dominates the proceedings nationally today with moderate to heavy falls possible with thunderstorms and flash flooding over the northwest of the country and that may extend down the coast. The southeast, more showery cold and windy weather with the below average conditions continuing. The weather over SA, through much of inland NSW and into QLD and southern NT, partly cloudy but dry for now and the dry surge is moving north through the tropics, but not quite at Darwin yet.


Broad band of cloud through the interior of WA stretching into the NT with no rainfall is expected to bring below average temperatures. Another strong front over Tasmania reinforces the showery weather over the southeast with cold weather continuing. The southwest with the weakening low, scattered showers and thunderstorms persist. Up north, the dry surge makes the Darwin region and the clears north of the mainland, a lovely refreshing change on the way. But that moisture offshore is very anomalous.


The next cold front moves over the SWLD of WA with a band of rain and thunder with gusty winds. A cloud band over the eastern inland is fair weather but may suppress temperatures with a cool day. Showers continue over the southeast with yet another front moving through bringing gusty winds and light to moderate rainfall. Fine weather for much of the nation with high pressure controlling conditions. Noting once again the deep moisture over the Indonesia Archipelago.


A weak cloud band through the interior is fair weather and no rain forecast with that. The showers over the southeast begin to ease as the high moves over the region, but westerly winds persist. The front that brings rain and storms to southern WA on Sunday and Monday should move into the Bight later in the day with the rainfall mainly offshore from SA, but windy weather may develop. Dry weather most elsewhere.


Next cold front pushes through SA and VIC/TAS this time next week with a band of showers and possibly a thunderstorm but much warmer air is expected to be brought into the south and east with a northwest flow developing. The next cold front in the sequence behind this, will move into the SWLD of WA later in the day with yet another broad cloud band feeding into inland WA, widespread rainfall likely with this feature. Drier weather expected most elsewhere throughout the inland and mild.


Noting the next large rain maker, a little slower on the Euro, but the idea is the same for moisture to surge back into the jet stream and eventually this will sweep through the southwest and south of the nation initially and in the east from about the 19/20th of the month setting up a pattern flip where the west will be drier and the east and southeast wetter for the end of the month.

More coming up with the morning weather video that is being prepared right now. See you after 8am EST.